CR-250 - Compact Industrial Grade Spectroradiometer

Next generation of fast and simplified color measurements - spectral based and without moving parts.

Especially for conditions in industrial environments
The rugged constructed housing of the CR-250 is made of machined aluminum and stainless steel, and can withstand high acceleration rates for the most demanding motion positioning systems and environments.

  • Remotely controlled via USB or Ethernet comliant connections
  • Requires only 120mA at 5V power supply (600 mW)
  • Measurement spot size starting from 0.4mm, measurement distance from 200mm

Laboratory grade measurement accuracy
The covered spectral range of 380-780nm is being measured utilizing a half bandwidth of < 5nm. This allows to use the CR-250 Chromameter for measurements of spectral broad banded as well as small banded spectral power distributions.

Video - CR-250 Chroma Meter System Presentation


  • Luminance measurement range 0,1 - 150.000 cd/m²
  • Luminance measurement accuracy ± 2%
  • Color measurement accuracy ± 0,0015 x,y


  • Display measurements in process control
  • Automated color and luminance measurements in adverse conditions

Images about CR-250 - Compact Industrial Grade Spectroradiometer

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