LabSoft Add-on - Glare Analysis

The LabSoft Add-on Glare Analysis simplifies the complex calculation of parameters based onto luminance images.

Glare analysis according UGR approach
The UGR approach enables to calculate psychological parameters of glare for artificial light sourses. The implementation is based onto the publication of the society LiTG, publ. "Das UGR-Verfahren zur Bewertung der Direktblendung der künstlichen Beleuchtung in Innenräumen".

Glare for Daylight illuminations
Indoor situation with daylight presence can be analyised for Daylight Glare Probability (DGP) according Wienhold et. al.

Both analysis can be configured for important photometrical and geometrical parameters:

  • Field of view of measuring optics used
  • Viewing direction
  • Adaptation luminace and threshold luminance
  • Methods for calculation of the position index

Images about LabSoft Add-on - Glare Analysis

Measurement Systems for Glare Analysis

LMK mobile - Digital SLR Camera

Photometrically calibrated digital SLR cameras of series Canon EOS-D are the base for our portable Imaging Photometer Measurement Systems. An RGB-CCD is being used as detector.

  • Highest flexibilty due to comprehensive calibration of zoom, focus, aperature et al.
  • LabSoft Application Software with optionaly feature packs also for special lenses
Recommended instrument