OL FEL – High-Precision Spectral Irradiance Standard 1000W

The radiation standard OL FEL is a 1000 W FEL lamp with a tungsten coiled-coil filament in quartz glass with a bipolar adjustment plug recommended by NIST.

Low transfer uncertainties starting from 0,5%
A spectral calibration is offered with an uncertainty of 1% relative to the NIST scale into the range of 250nm-2500nm and of 2% for wavlengths up to 4500nm. An optionally minimized transfer uncertainty of 0.5% is being offered as well.

Calibration spectrally but also photometrically and colorimetrically
For the visible spectral range, a calibration of illuminance, correlated color temperature and color coordinates is available as well.

For the exact adjustment of the radiation standard, the lamp holder OL 61 an adjustable lamp holder mount OL 63 and the alignment jig OL 62 (lamp dummy) are available.



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