Spectrometer and Spectroradiometer

Our Spectroradiometers are calibrated measurement systems of different spectral wavelength ranges for analysis of radiant sources and materials whose properties have spectral distributions.

OL 770 – UV-NIR CCD-Array Spektroradiometer

The Series OL770 is a high-accuracy CCD-Array Spectroradiometer for laboratory and QS use. It can be adapted easily to different measurement tasks utilizing a fiber optic probe interface and various measurement optics.

  • 4 alternative wavelength ranges from 200nm to 1700nm
  • Measurement Software for analysis for easy reporting via MS Office templates
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OL 756 – UV-VIS Portable Double-Monochromator System

The Series OL756 is a high-precision and compact UV-VIS Spectroradiometer for the wavelength range of 200-800nm. It is especially useful for tasks which requires measurements of high dynamic within a spectrum e.g. for photo-biological Safety.

  • Up to 6 decades to be measured within a single spectrum
  • Optimized into the UV-range for photo-biological safety analysis
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OL 750 – UV-FIR Automated Spectroradiometer System

The Series OL750 is an automated scanning monochromator for the use as a flexible core-component for highest requirements into laboratories. Modular input and output optics allow the adaptation to measure all major properties of optical radiation.

  • Wavelegth ranges flexible to be configured within 200nm up to 30µm
  • Calibration standards and methods for traceable measurements available
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specbos – UV-NIR USB Compact Spectroradiometer

The Series specbos is a certified calibrated USB compact spectroradiometer for portable measurements as well as for measurements in process control. A unique laser target is marking the measurement spot.

  • 3 alternative wavelength ranges from 230nnm to 1000nm
  • Luminance as base property, illuminance obtained utilizing a plug-in diffuser
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CS-2000 VIS Portable Spectralradiometer

The Series CS-2000 is a precise spectroadiometer for light- and color measurements also for very small spots size and extrem low luminance level. The spot size can be switched manually at the divice for 0.1°, 0.2° and 1.0°.

  • Stand-alone use due to internally saved calibration data and dispay for results
  • Extreme sensitive for the measuerement of spectral distributions starting from 0.0005 cd/m²
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