OL750 – UV-VIS-IR-FIR Automated Spectroradiometer System

The Series OL750 is an automatic modular grating monochromator used as a flexible basic system in laboratories of highest requirements.

Modular Components
Input optics as well as output optics are available into a modular concept. They are designed to minimize uncertainties for the measurement of spectral properties of radiometric parameters.

Wavelegth ranges flexible to be configured within 200nm up to 30µm
The system is available as single or double monochromatore. The spectral range from 200nm to 30.000 nm is covered by a large number of radiation sources and gratings.

Among others, optical set-ups such as those for an analysis of spectral radiation sources (irradiance, radiant intensity, NVG), detector spectral response, spectral transmission and spectral reflection (absolute, diffuse and direct) are available.

Video Application - OL 750D for Photobiological Safety Analysis

Risk classes and photobiological effects can be analyzed based onto measurements of the double-monochromator version of the OL 750D

IEC EN 62471 compatibel
The spectral radiance is being measured utilzing telescope optics modules of required variable viewing angles. Integrating sphere optics modules provide an optimum of cosine response detecting the spectral irradiance of sources

Covering entire wavelength range of 200nm to 3000nm
Special adapted components of the monochromatore and specific detection systems allow a fully automated measurement also above 1400nm

Images about OL 750 UV-VIS-IR-FIR Automated Spectroradiometer System

The modular system can be advanced by:

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