LMK Imaging Photometer (Imaging Colorimeter)

LMK imaging photometer systems are photometrically calibrated measurement cameras and today wide spread for light and color measurements fulfilling the requirements of DIN EN 13032, DIN 5032 and DIN 5033. They are providing valuable advantages:

The time needed is considerably reduced
Many measurement spots are captured at the same time for complex light distributions e.g. for a measurement grid as a function of positions or viewing directions.

Objects can be measured supplementary
The data are saved in formats of images whereas data can be measured even at positions orginially not being of interest.

Also for the use in automated processes
Autonomous measurements controlled by sequences or software interfaces allow the measurement of complexe light distributions also for applications in process control, with motorized positioning units and other.

LMK Imaging Photometer Measurement System

The Series LMK are laboratories measurement systems for analysing luminance distributions. The interchangeable lens interface allows to adapt the optical setup for different object sizes. Resolutions are available for 5 or 12 or 30 megapixel.

  • Fine spectral matching to CIE 1924 V(λ) utilizing a fixed installed V(λ)-filter
  • LabSoft Application Software with optionaly feature packs
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LMK Color Imaging Colorimeter Measurement System

The Series LMK Color are laboratories measurement systems utilizing a filter wheel for spectral matching according CIE 1931 XYZ. The provided color accuracy supersedes a spectroradiometer in many applications.

  • L, CIE1931 xy, λdom, color purity, CCT et al.
  • Improved quality class for luminance due to color correction matrix
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LMK IPED LightChecker Process Control Systems

The Series LMK IPED are imaging measurement solutions providing certified measurements of luminance and color according ISO/IEC 17025  and ISO/TS 16949 for the production process of light-technical components.

  • Luminance, color adjustment, homogeneity, BlackMURA, symbol quality
  • IPED LightChecker Software for integration into existing automation environments
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LMK mobile advanced - Digital SLR Camera

Photometrically calibrated digital SLR cameras of series Canon EOS-D are the base for our portable Imaging Photometer Measurement Systems. An RGB-CCD is being used as detector.

  • Highest flexibilty due to comprehensive calibration of zoom, focus, aperature et al.
  • LabSoft Application Software with optionaly feature packs also for special lenses
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OPTE-E-MA configures each Imaging Photometer Systems separately for the required measurement applications. System setup and users seminars are provided as important modules for the successful use of these systems.


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