TECHNOTEAM LMK mobile air – Portable Imaging Photometer

LMK mobile systems are Portable Imaging Photometer Measurement Systems and based onto photometrically calibrated digital SLR cameras. An RGB-CMOS sensor is being used as detector.

Traceability of luminance calibration
The camera systems are being equipped with a zoom type of lens and can be extended with optionial hemi-spherical lenses (fish-eye). The comprehensive calibration includes the settings of zoom, focus, exposure time, ISO values and aperature.

LMK LabSoft measurement and analysis software
The LMK LabSoft application software introduces a powerful and efficient measurement and analysis tool.

  • Simplified photometric analysis of luminous objects including fast report generation
  • Add-on moduls for specific tasks like glare evaluation acc. UGR, DGP or DIN EN 13201

Video Application - Analysis of Road Illumination

The measurement and evaluation of road illumination is a good example to show the advantages of imaging photometer techniques.

Measurements using images are captured at the same time
Other than for single spot meters, complexe scenes are captured for all positions at the same time without influences by instability or drifts over time.

Geometrical data are included into the images
Lighttechnical data are often depending onto viewing directions and can sometimes only be substituted from pixel coordinates of images. Glare evaluation is a typical example for that.

Images about LMK mobile advanced

Videos about LMK mobile advanced

Video tutorial - Unboxing LMK mobile air EOS 70D

Video tutorial - iPad control for LMK mobile air EOS 70D

Video tutorial - Unboxing LMK mobile advanced EOS 650D

Video tutorial - LMK use for EN 13201 Road Illumination Measurement

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