Portable and easy-to-use Handheld Meters of Konica Minolta

OPTE-E-MA is the representative and contractual distributor for Konica Minolta and provides product specific know-how for you.

Konica Minolta is focussing in product developments for easy-to-use and portable handheld systems for light and color measurements.

Measurement of Illuminance and Color optimized for LED applications
The most recent available illuminance meters are especially optimized for measurements of LED applications. Often they are based onto technologies of arrays-spectroradiometers allowing to measure spectral parameters additionally.

Luminance, Color and Spectral distributions for spot-sizes starting from 100µm
A speciality is the design of the ocular-based viewfinder optics displaying both the measurement surrounding as well as measurement result data. Typically, instruments are delivered with accessories like application software, USB interface cable, power adapter, ocular ND-filter, operation manual and calibration certificate.

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