KONICA MINOLTA CL-500A / CL-200A Handheld Meters for Illuminance and Color

The proven handheld meters of Konica Minolta are battery driven and ideal attender for field measurements of illuminance, color and parameters of color temperature or color rendering index.

Spectroradiometric Photometer
The Series CL-500A is a illuminance meter based onto the technology of a capture using an array-spectroradiometer. This offers additionally to analyse spectrally parameters.

  • Measurement range: 0,1 lx to 100.000 lx (Color starting from 5 lx)
  • Measured quantities: Ev, CIE1931 XYZ, xy, CCT, Color Rendering Index CRI, Dominant Wavelength, Color puriy

Long-term stable and rugged 3-color Colorimeter
The Series CL-200A is based onto a 3-color photodiode colorimeter with special calibration for minimized uncertainties in measurements of white LED's.

  • Measurement range: 0,1 lx to 99.990 lx
  • Measured quantities: Ev, CIE1931 XYZ, xy, CCT


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