OL 730 - Desktop Radiometers / Photometers

The Series OL730CV Radiometers are dektop systems for signal detection of photocurrent with a resolution of 10E-14 A, high accuracy and extrem large dynamic range. Due to its software-only based control it is a economically-priced alternation of the Series OL730D.

AC/DC Radiometer with Lock-In Amplifier
The Series OL730D is a radiometer / photometer which is completely microprocessor controlled with a lock-in amplifier. This radiometer can directly be programmed for user-specific parameters to be captured. The system is available with multiplexers, chopper control or for pulsed signals.

Economically-priced DC Radiometer
The Series OL730E is a compact radiometer measurement system based onto the newest generation of capturing photocurrent with a resolution of 10E-14 A. The signal response time can be configured for 0.1 to 10 seconds.


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