Integrating Sphere Measurement Systems

Integrating Sphere solutions are ideal for accurate measurments of luminous flux, colorimetric and spectral parameters of various types of lamps and luminaries according standards of DIN, EN and IES.

Spectroradiometer for colorimetric analysis
Utilizing a spectroradiometer as a detector provides additionally parameters of Color Coordinates, Color Rendering Index, Correlated Color Temperature, Peak and Dominant Wavelength Wavelength of LED sources and other.

High-reflective sphere coating up to 99.4% reflection
Spheres are available at sizes of diameter of 1", 2", 4", 6", 18", 39" and 76" (25mm up to 2 meters). The coating of spheres of diameters up to 6" is based on high-refelctive pressed PTFE powder while larger spheres are coated with hydophopic OPTOLON II.

Introduction - Large Integrating Sphere Measurement Systems

The measurement uncertainty of large integrating sphere systems crucial depends on a proper optical design.

The presentation shows a 1 meter version with its properties of:

  • High reflectivity of diffuse sphere coating
  • Reduction of measurement uncertainty due to optimized baffle design
  • Use of traceable calibration lamps and concept of auxilliary lamps
  • Requirements onto stabiliy of electrical power supply


Integrating Sphere System can be advanced by:

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