Spectroradiometers, Radiometers and Radiation Standards of Optronic Laboratories, Inc.

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In 1970, Optronic Laboratories was founded by two developers of NIST (then NBS). Optronic Laboratories is structured in the same way as NIST. Worldwide, Optronic Laboratories has become well-known by its excellent light and radiation measuring techniques and its calibrations. Based on a continuous and close co-operation with NIST, new measuring systems have been developed which – due to their precision and accuracy – have become an example to quite a lot of measuring systems.

Certified calibration of low measurement uncertainty
Traceable calibrations allow an instrument use according standards like ISO/IEC 17025 or ISO/TS 16949 to fulfill the requirements of quality standards. In many cases, the measurement instruments are supplied with self-calibration features maintaining a traceabile calibration based on calibration lamps.

Series of Array-Spectroradiometers for fast-scanning measurements
High-sensitive systems based on back-thinned CCD-array detectors allow a fast measurement. The laboratory grade instruments are equipped with fiber optic probe interfaces and can flexible be advanced by interchangeable optics modules.

Compact system solutions based onto non-cooled photodiode-arrays are especially designed for portable use.

Series of Scanning Spectroradiometers for high dynamic into the spectra and broad wavelength range
The scanning types of spectroradiometers can be realized e.g. as double-monochromators for measurements of extremly high dynamic into spectra up to 8 decades. Thus, parameters of photobiologic relevant radiation or of detector spectral response can be measured. A modular system design allows a flexible configuration into the wavelength range of 200nm to 30µm.

Series of Radiometers and Potometers
DSP measuring systems for captures with extremely high time-resolution and high dynamics.

Series of High-Precision Calibration Standard Lamps
Radiation standards with very low measuring uncertainty for luminance (and spectral radiance), illuminance (and spectral irradiance), reflection (and spectral reflection).

Series of High-Precision Constant Current Power Suppies (e.g. of 0.01% accuracy)

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