OL 756 – UV-VIS Portable Double-Monochromator System

The OL756 High-accuracy UV-VIS Spectral Measurement System is our newest state-of-the-art compact, double monochromator system for spectral measurements over the 200 – 800 nm wavelength range.

Up to 6 decades to be measured within a single spectrum

Based on well thought-out optical input systems and plug-in calibration standards exact and user-friendly measurements over more than 9 signal decades are realized. Spectral resolutions of up to 0.1nm are possible. Due to the measured high dynamic within the spectrum, crictical evaluations like for photo-biological safety acc. DIN EN 62471 are now possible.

Video Application - OL756 Portable use for daylight measurements

High measurement speed to measure instable light sources too
The OL756 is the fastes comercially available scanning double-monochromator system measuring up to 200nm per second (Quickscan-Mode).

A large variaty of input optics can be used with the system to measure e.g.:

  • Spectral Source Analysis
  • Spectral Transmittance Measurements

Images about OL 756 Portable Double-Monochromator

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