JETI specbos / spectraval – UV-VIS-NIR spectroradiometer with USB & Bluetooth

The specbos Series includes compact spectrometers to measure different spectral parameters in mobile use or in process control.

General purpose Array-Spectroradiometer with Laser Target Spot
specbos systems provide a high accuracy and stability for the visible range (380-780nm) but also into the VIS-NIR range (350-1000nm) and into the UV-VIS-NIR range (230-1000nm). The high-quality holographic gratings used ensure an extremely low influence of scattered light and allow the measurement of very high dynamics in the spectrum.

The Laser Target Spot is unique ono the market and allows an easy indicatin of the position being used for luminance measurements.

Calibration data are saved inside the device
The systems are equipped with 'their own intelligence' and allow the calculation of spectral parameters (such as x, y, dominant wavelength or luminance) directly inside the spectrometer. The measuring process having been started, the data is output directly via USB- oder RJ45-interface.

  • spectraval 1511 380-780nm VIS Spektroradiometer with Display and Laser Target Spot
  • spectraval 1511NIR 350-1000nm VIS Spektroradiometer with Display and Laser Target Spot
  • specbos1211 350-1000nm VIS-NIR Spectroradiometer with internal Laser Target Spot
  • specbos1211UV 230-1000nm UV-VIS-NIR Spectroradiometer with internal Laser Target Spot

All spectroradiometers are delivered including a PC data cable, measurement software, manual, transportation case and miniturized tripod to be ready for use.

Images about JETI specbos – UV-VIS Miniature-sized Spectroradiometer

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