Photometers and Radiometers

OPTE-E-MA offers measuring systems and measuring heads to capture different integral radiometric and photometric parameters.

System solutions from handheld devices up to setups for laboratories
Among others, the parameters to be captured are radiant flux (luminous flux), irradiance (illuminance), radiance (luminance), radiant intensity (luminous intensity) and transmission.

Integrating Sphere Measurement Systems

Integrating Sphere solutions are ideal for accurate measurments of luminous flux, colorimetric and spectral parameters of various types of lamps and luminairs according standards of DIN, EN and IES.

  • Diameters of the spheres ranging from 25mm up to 2m
  • Spectroradiometers for additionally colorimetric analysis
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CL-500A / CL-200A Handheld Meters for Illuminance and Color

The proven handheld meters of Konica Minolta are battery driven and ideal attender for field measurements of illuminance, color and parameters of color temperature or color rendering index.

  • CL-500A Illuminance Spectrophotometer also for Color Rendering Index
  • CL-200A Long-term stable and rugged 3-color Colorimeter
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CS-200 / LS-150 Handheld Meters for Luminance and Color

The Series CS-200 and LS-150 are portable handheld meters of Konica Minoltas offering a variety of functions and simplicity of use unique onto the market.

  • Ocular viewer with switchable spot sizes
  • Spectrale matching quality at level L and B
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Series OL730 Desktop Radiometers / Photometers

The Series OL730 Radiometers are dektop systems for signal detection of photocurrent with a resolution of 10E-14 A, high accuracy and extrem large dynamic range.

  • OL730CV and OL730E DC photocurrent radiometers
  • OL730D DC and AC Lock-In photocurrent radiometer
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IND Detectors – Spectrally matched measuring heads

These sensors are industrial and environmental detectors for professional and semi-professional applications with spectral adaptations in the fields of UVA, UVB (Erythema) , V(λ), global radiation, photosynthesis and IR.

  • Rugged types of housing with and without dome windows
  • Electric signals of radiometric data available as current or voltage
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