KONICA MINOLTA CS-200 / LS-150 Handheld Meters for Luminance and Color

The Series CS-200 and LS-150 are portable handheld meters of Konica Minoltas offering a variety of functions and simplicity of use unique onto the market.

Ocular viewfinder with switchable spot sizes
The concept of the TTL-viewfinder of the CS-Series allows to see the measurement spot and the environment simultaneously.

  • Variable spot size due to focussing on different distances
  • CS-200 with adjustable viewing angles 0.1°, 0.2° and 1°
  • LS-150/LS-160 with fixed viewing angle of 1° or 1/3°
  • Small spot sizes with the help of close-up lenses starting from 0.1mm!

Photometer grading quality classes L and B
The technology of a 40-channel spectroradiometric capture brings up the CS-200 into quality class L for the critical parameter f1'. Applications are e.g. displays, LED-backlit buttons, indoor lighting and day lighting.

  • CS-200 of best quality class L acc. DIN 5032 (f1')
    Measurement range: 0.5 to 20,000,000 cd/m²
  • LS-150/LS-160 higher level of quality class B acc. DIN 5032
    Measurement range: 0,001 to 999,900 cd/m²

Images about KONICA MINOLTA CS-200 / LS-150

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