KONICA MINOLTA CS-2000A Portable Spectroradiometer with Display

Konica Minolta's CS-2000 is a portable spectroradiometer for high-precision measurements of spectral distributions in the visible range of 380 nm to 780 nm.

Extreme sensitive Spectroradiometer starting from 0,0005 cd/m²
It is one of the most sensitive measurement systems to capture signals starting from 0.003 cd/m² (CS-2000A starting from 0,0005 cd/m²) for photometric and for colorimetric data.

Stand-alone use and Spot sizes starting from 100µm
Among others, the Direct Viewing Imaging Optics Module with viewfinder and the data displaying via the built-in display are outstanding features of the device. Standard accessories are Windows software, a USB interface cable, a mains power supply unit, an ND eyepiece filter, a manual and a calibration certificate.

Optionally, a close-up lens for small measuring surfaces of up to 100 µm, neutral density filters for extreme high luminance, a transportation case and a tripod are available.

Images About CS-2000A Portable Spectroradiometer

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