TECHNOTEAM LMK LightChecker – Certified Process Control System

The Series LMK LightChecker are imaging measurement solutions for light and color allowing an simplified integration for image processing into production processes for:

  • Luminance and luminance homogeneity
  • Color adjustment e.g. for displays and backlights
  • Display analysis according BlackMURA

Conform to ISO/IEC 17025  and ISO/TS 16949
The imaging photometers and colorimeters being used are certified calibrated and fulfilling the requirements of quality safety standards maintaining their usability for measurement purposes. Thus, they are fully compatible with IS0 9001 standard methods.

Luminance and Color measurement options
Several types of sensors can be used with the series of LMK IPED imaging photometer systems.

  • LMK Color Imaging Colorimeter Measurement System (DIN EN 13032, DIN 5032, DIN 5033)
  • LMK Imaging Photometer Measurement System (DIN EN 13032, DIN 5032)
  • LMK CFA Imaging RGB Measurement System (RGB-based light and color measurements)

Different interfaces are supported for the implementation into existing software structures of automation.

Video Application - BlackMURA Rating of Visual Effects

The analysis of display screen quality according to the Automotive OEM workgroup BlackMURA standard of the DFF is based onto visual ratings of local and global non-uniformities.

Into the video, the background of visual perception is being discussed:

  • How do non-uniformities appear visually
  • Using spatial frequencies into perception models
  • Options to rate global and local non-uniformities

Images about LMK IPED Process Control System

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User information

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Videos about TECHNOTEAM LMK LightChecker

Video tutorial - BlackMURA, Rating of Visual Effects

Video tutorial - BlackMURA, Setup and Measurement

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