TECHNOTEAM LMK Color – Imaging Colorimeter Measurement System acc. DIN EN 13032

The Imaging Colorimeter series LMK Color are laboratories measurement systems for analysing luminance and color according DIN 5032 and 5033 at highest accuracy level.

Fine spectral matching acc. CIE 1931 XYZ
The precise spectral matching allows to measure color values e.g. dominant wavelength also of LED light sources.

LMK LabSoft measurement and analysis software
The LMK LabSoft application software introduces a powerful and efficient measurement and analysis tool.

  • Simplified photometric and colorimetric analysis of luminous objects
  • Automation of repeated measurment tasks by user macros and ActiveX-interfaces
  • Add-on moduls for specific tasks like display analysis for BlackMURA or LID or light sources

LMK Position - Simplified Aligment and Measurement of Displays

The compact robot solution extremely reduces the time and expenses to measure all kinds of display setups. The video presents the most often used measurement tasks used with this setup:

  • BlackMURA: Display uniformity analysis of plane and free-form types of displays
  • ISO-Contrast or ISO-Color or ISO-Luminance: Emission dependent properties of displays
  • Sticking Images: Burn-in properties of display content
  • Sparkle: Analysis of anti-glare layers onto displays

Images about LMK Color Imaging Colorimeter

Videos about TECHNOTEAM LMK color

Video tutorial - LMK5 Unboxing and installation

Video Tutorial - LMK5 Lens mounting and live capture

Video Tutorial - LMK Sample alignment and lens focusing

Video Tutorial - LMK LabSoft Symbols, analyze luminous areas

Video Tutorial - LabSoft Luminance profiles along lines

Video Tutorial - LMK LabSoft Time Statistics for measurement data

Video tutorial - BlackMURA, Rating of Visual Effects

Video tutorial - BlackMURA, Setup and Measurement

Webinar Video - LMK Sparkle Measurements

Video tutorial - LMK use for EN 13201 Road Illumination Measurement

LMK Position - Robot Solution for Simplified Display Measurements

LMK Position - Robot Solution for LMK Imaging Photometers

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