OL 426-SA, OL 455-SA - Automatic Low- and High-Level Calibration standard

The radiance standards of OL426-SA and OL455-SA are based on incandescend light sources which couple its radiation into an integrating sphere coated with PTFE to realize a uniform illumination. 

Motorized adjustment of the variable luminance level
The radiance (and luminance) can be set by the user without changing the spectral distribution. A motorized aperture regulates continuously the luminance level.

Short warm-up time and lamp safety by current ramps
thermal stabilized photo-detector monitors the sphere luminance and enables a short warm-up time saving hours of lamp lifetime.

An automatic ramp up/ down function eliminates potentially dangerous current surges to the lamp. Also, the hours of use are monitored into the controller.

Configurations for Low-Light and High-Level applications

  • Serie OL 426-SA - Dual-sphere design for extreme low radiance (L 10E-6 cd/m² to 350 cd/m²)
  • Serie OL 455-SA - Variable standard for high radiance (L up to 100,000 cd/m²)
  • Optional with 10 times higher uniformity

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