HSi-300 Hyperspectral Imaging System

The Series HSi-300 is a patented acousto-optical tunable filter (AOTF) with extrem short spectral bandpass switching speed.

AOTF Technology
Due to its fast switching wavelengths within microseconds, this technology enables spectral band-pass or hyperspectral image applications.

  • Wavelength ranges of 450-800nm and 900-1600nm
  • Minimum half bandwidh of 1.5-3.5nm and 6-15nm
  • Spectral switching speed  of < 100µs

Video - Presentation HSi-300 Hyperspectral Imaging System

µ-Manager Plug-In for HSi Systems
This open source application software is suitable for general image processing and for the use with microscopes.

A variety of different scientific camera solutions are supported
The imaging system can be adapted e.g. to cameras of DVC or Andor Ixon EMMC optimiert


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