LabSoft Add-On - Display Package

Using this LabSoft Package, the analysis of displays is simplfied for the characterization in a standardized, reproducible and automated way.

Measurement of various Display Parameters
Aside the basic light-technical properties of displays and backlights like luminance, color and uniformity, the tools of the Display Package allow the analysis of angular dependency of luminance or color and performance measurements of materials used for brightness enhancement or for anti-reflex and glare reducing purposes.

Set of modules included into the Display Package
The Display Package is a composition of modules which are also offered for separate use and is covering in the moment::

  • LMK Add-On BlackMURA
  • LMK Add-On Conoscopic Contrast Measurement
  • LMK Add-On Sticking Images
  • LMK Add-On Pixel Crosstalk
  • LMK Add-On Sparkle Measurement

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Measurement Systems for Display Analysis

LMK Color Imaging Colorimeter Measurement System

The Series LMK Color are laboratories measurement systems utilizing a filter wheel for spectral matching according CIE 1931 XYZ. The provided color accuracy supersedes a spectroradiometer in many applications.

  • L, CIE1931 xy, λdom, color purity, CCT et al.
  • Improved quality class for luminance due to color correction matrix
Product details

specbos - Remote Viewing Spectroradiometer

The laser target is the special feature of this spectroradiometer indicating the field of view adjusted for near-to-infinite use.

Alternatively 0.6° or 1.8° field of view optics can be used for the measurement by this certified calibrated spectroradiometers for laboratories and process control applications. 

  • 3 alternative wavelength ranges are available from 230nnm to 1000nm
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Videos about LabSoft Add-On - Display Package

Video tutorial - BlackMURA, Rating of Visual Effects

Video tutorial - BlackMURA, Setup and Measurement

Webinar Video - LMK Sparkle Measurements

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