Video Tutorial - OL 770 Use for Source Spectral Analysis

Measurement - OL 770 Spectroradiometer Measurement System

This videos shows how to setup the OL 770 High-Speed Spectradiometer and its Application Software for general source spectral analysis. Measurements are presented e.g. for:

  • Spectral radiant flux (W/nm, lm)
  • Spectral radiant intensity (W/sr nm, cd)
  • Spectral radiance (W/sr m²nm, cd/m²nm)

Large Integrating Sphere Measurement Systems

The measurement uncertainty of large integrating sphere systems crucial depends on a proper optical design.

The presentation shows a 1 meter version with its properties of:

  • High reflectivity of diffuse sphere coating
  • Reduction of measurement uncertainty due to optimized baffle design
  • Use of traceable calibration lamps and concept of auxilliary lamps
  • Requirements onto stabiliy of electrical power supply