OL 459 Multi-Spectral Tunable LED-Standard

The OL459 is a VIS-NIR full-spectrum calibration standard realising spectral programmable compilations of 23 different LED-spectra into the wavelength range of 380-1000nm.

Temperature management offers long-term stability of 0,5%
A precision power supply and efficient temperature management provide high stability and repeatability. For luminance it is typically 0.5% and for color 0.003 acc. CIE1931-x,y.

Calibration standard for variable luminance, color and spectral radiance distributions

  • Continuous Spectrum across the VIS-NIR, programmable by 5 tunable channels
  • Built-in Monitor Detector for detection of realized luminance up to 85000cd/m² (2856K)
  • Counter for operation hours

Webinar Video - OL 459 System Presentation

Presentation of Features and Functions as well as Applications of the Tunable LED-Standard

  • Optical setup and connecting ports
  • Monitor detector
  • Programming of different spectral representations

Images about NEW: OL 459 Tunable LED-Standard

Videos about NEW: OL 459 Tunable LED-Standard

Webinar Video - System Presentation OL 459

Webinar Video - System Presentation OL 459

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