Example Applications

A huge variety of applications can be covered with our measurement instruments.

A visual presentation helps to pick-up that one you are interested in. E.g. for Risk Class specificaion of radiation sources, measurements in an office or onto the road, optical characterization of LED's, displays or indicator icons for laboratories measurements or for the QS-use into production.

Characterization of Lamps and Luminaries

Light sources are today compact and complex systems. The constancy of the light-technical parameters like intensity or color (spectral distribution) is often to be guaranteed even for production of high volumes.

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Light measurement inside and outside a car

Today's automobiles feature illumination of high quality according luminance, uniformity and color appearance.

Imaging and spectral measurement techniques offer tools for devolopment but also for quality safety to improve the products according the requirements of automotive OEM's.

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Photobiological and -technological Analysis

Aside photopic and colorimetrical stimuli of the human eye, other interactions of biological cells and processes are caused by optical radiation.

The risk of danger needs to be specified especially for the non-visible parts of the spectrum of a radiant source.

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Measurements on Displays and Backlights

Optical parameters of displays and its components can be measured into the laboratories but also into the production e.g. for white balancing.

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General Lighting

The artifical illumination is fulfilling both the requirements according standards for light levels but also the lighting design from the architectural point of view.

Imaging Measurement techniques allow the simplified analysis of complex parameters being imporant here, like measurements of the luminance distribution into a scene or glare.

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Architectural and Outdoor Lighting

Imaging Photometers and spectrally measuring spotmeters can be used for a comprehensive analysis of indoor and outdoor illuminations.

Image processing software enables for the first time to evaluate also complex parameters of light-technical distributions.

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