Measurements on Displays and Backlights

Optical parameters of displays and its components can be measured into the laboratories but also into the production e.g. for white balancing.

New display technologies require special methods of light-technical evaluations. E.g. the evaluation of mechanical stress of displays due to mounting is being done by measurements of gradients of light (BlackMURA).

Know-How - BlackMURA Rating of Visual Effects

The analysis of display screen quality according to the Automotive OEM workgroup BlackMURA standard of the DFF is based onto visual ratings of local and global non-uniformities.

Into the video, the background of visual perception is being discussed:

  • How do non-uniformities appear visually
  • Using spatial frequencies into perception models
  • Options to rate global and local non-uniformities

Display Uniformity

Image resolved measurements of Luminance and Color with automatic min-max detection

Recommended instrument

Black MURA Gradients

Image based gradient meaurements of light acc. DFF-Standard using an Add-on software

Recommended instrument

Angular ISO-Contrast and ISO-Color

Conoscopic measurements of Luminance and Color for viewing angles of ±60° on displays and diffuse materials

Recommended instrument

Sticking Images

Analysing effects of a residual images of the parent pattern using an Add-on software

Recommended instrument

Color Adjustment into Production

White balancing and simultanously image resolved measurements of luminance uniformity

Recommended instrument

Adjustment of Head-Up Displays

Evaluation of Luminance, Uniformity, BlackMURA for virtual imaging display components

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