Architectural and Outdoor Lighting

Imaging Photometers and spectrally measuring spotmeters can be used for a comprehensive analysis of indoor and outdoor illuminations.

Image processing software enables for the first time to evaluate also complex parameters of light-technical distributions.

Know-How - Using Imaging Photometers for Road Measurements

The measurement and evaluation of road illumination is a good example to show the advantages of imaging photometer techniques.

Measurements using images are captured at the same time
Other than for single spot meters, complexe scenes are captured for all positions at the same time without influences by instability or drifts over time.

Geometrical data are included into the images
Lighttechnical data are often depending onto viewing directions and can sometimes only be substituted from pixel coordinates of images. Glare evaluation is a typical example for that.

DIN EN13201 Road Illumination Analysis

Imaging Photometers just need a fraction of time compared to spotwise measurements - without any drift

Recommended instrument

Illumination of Places

Image resolved nalysis of large areas with many measurement positions also visual documented

Recommended instrument

Glare Analysis for TI

Also while driving, image resolved measurements of glare of road illumination lights

Recommended instrument

Architectural Lighting

Approval and documenation of successful concepts of illumination image resolved measured

Recommended instrument

S/P-Ratio und Mesopic Evaluation

Portable spectral measurements of photopic and scotopic luminance and illuminance

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