Light measurement inside and outside a car

Today's automobiles feature illumination of high quality according luminance, uniformity and color appearance.

Imaging and spectral measurement techniques offer tools for devolopment but also for quality safety to improve the products according the requirements of automotive OEM's.

Know-How - Measurement of Lit Area of Complex Shaped Objects

The feature Symbol Object Statistic is used into the software of imaging photometers and provides statistical data only of lit parts of a regions content. The video presents how the Symbol Object Statistic is assigned and which data can be obtained:

  • Asigning the statistical method to regions
  • Visual feedback for recognized lit areas
  • Additionally parameters

Backlit Icons and Instrument Clusters

Imaging Photometers and Colorimeters can easily detect and analyse complex shaped lit structures

Recommended instrument

Display Uniformity and MURA

Imaging Photometers for quality inspection into production processes of displays and backlights

Recommended instrument

Measuring Head Lights

Analysing projected light distributions using Imaging Photometers and Colorimeters

Recommended instrument

Glare evaluation TI, UGR and DGP

Portable measurements for evaluating glare of luminance distributions in a real environment

Recommended instrument

Signaling Lights

Image resolved measurement of luminance and color to verify light design and conformity acc. regulations

Recommended instrument

Ambient Illumination

Portable Imaging Photopmeters for analysing ambient light distributions inside a car

Recommended instrument